Greek Mythology original in process (title tbc)

“To all the hero’s we have never heard of.
Perhaps you are one.”
– Stephen Fry


August has flown by, with my head down in the studio clocking up the hours (700 and counting) on this monster of a piece! The seas are taking shape nicely, with a few surprises to be seen, and some technical challenges faced along the way. Poseidon, Perseus and Jason and the Argonauts are all in place, with a few more gods, goddesses, hero’s and monster to include. Then onto the all looming skies, with a certain God of Gods to bring this piece together full circle. And I will finish with the pendant border, of which I have made a start on, giving the piece an authentic and appropriate frame like finish.

Now taking orders for limited edition prints and enquiries about the original

There will be 100 limited edition canvas prints at A0 size (84cm x 119cm) available once the piece is complete. These will be priced at £1250.00 each. If you are interested in owning one of these once complete, then please contact here for more information.

Open edition paper prints and smaller canvases will be available also once complete (likely by the end of September).

In the meantime, see the world take shape…

Greek monster artwork 



Greek Artwork Greek Map artwork

Greek pen and ink art

An “Original” Print?

Have a Limited Edition Canvas “personalised”

This has been a popular choice for many of my customers over the years, to have a limited edition canvas print of one of my works personalised. Whether it be a memorable date (birthday, anniversary etc), a quote or phrase. Maybe you want a little section coloured in, or an extra plane, car or boat to be added? Or maybe you simply want you name to be written on the piece? All of these personalisations and more are possible, and if it means you can then own an “original” print, then you will have a one of a kind piece of artwork.

My piece “London” from earlier this year has been a popular choice over the past few months for this, see some of the personalisations below…

original print

If you want to enquire about a “original” personalised canvas print of any of my works, then please contact here.

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