sea the world

Admire from a far, and take nothing but memories as you “sea the world”.

the big screen

Get your popcorn and drinks ready, turn off your phone and prepare to get lost in The Big Screen! LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!

original artworks

See all available original artworks for sale.

ancient worlds

Step back in time and discover more!

countries & continents - original versions

See the world from a different angle.

urban landscapes

Cities and other architectural landscapes await you!

abstracts & illusions

Embrace the weird and wonderful!

nature inspired

Get lost in my original natural entangled style.

Change your perspective


Jeff Murray creates visuals that all artistic lovers can get lost within, and each time you gaze into them, you find something new. With inspiration taken from the exploration of the world, the endless search for new outcomes never tires. His fine pen work allows you to step into intricate worlds of urban and natural landscapes, ancient and mythological lands, surreal illusions and realistic impressions. And with the continuous theme of perspective, it allows the viewer to understand how Jeff sees the world.

The self-discovery of pure creation allows you to push the envelope and inevitably go where no one else has gone.



Latest Artwork

  • Spirited Taiwan

  • Sea the World

  • The Big Screen

  • The City of the Middle East – In Colour


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