Born in 1986 near London, Jeff has always had a huge passion for drawing and art. He was one of those kids in class who was doodling at the back of the room when he was meant to be learning something else. He was inspired by iconic artists such as Salvador Dali, H.R.Giger and his all time favourite, M.C.Escher. The illusions Escher created motivted Jeff to bring impossible things to life.

Throughout his teens Jeff developed his style and mastered the medium of pen and ink. He went on to study Graphic Design at University and graduated in 2007. Rather than pursuing this as a career, he had the urge to travel and decided to live and work in Canada… the mountains were calling! After nearly two years of working in different jobs to fund his daily snowboarding fix, he returned to the UK, but was still keen to explore the world. He continued to travel and work throughout parts of North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, embracing their different cultures and artistic heritage to create memories through the medium of pen.

In 2011, when living in Queenstown, New Zealand, Jeff began selling the artworks he created on his travels at local artisan markets and small galleries. It soon became apparent that he could become a full-time artist. The subsequent sales of his art to people from all over the world gave him the confidence to distribute globally and regularly exhibit at local art fairs. He returned to the UK in 2014 and has since set up his business and studio from home where he now lives with his wife.

The demand for Jeff’s art continues to grow with a successful sales outlet in the City of Bath, online sales through his website and at international art shows. The lifestyle of travel and exploration has afforded him the opportunity to continually evolve and expand his work, creating a consistent theme that people can recognise and relate to.

So Jeff would like to invite you to “look closer” and see the world from his perspective.

Enjoy the art.

Bellerophon and Pegasus, slaying the Chimaera, along with the Colossus of Rhodes
Jeff Murray greek mythology artwork map

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