I am a pen & ink artist that creates intricate works on canvas inspired by exploration and travel.

I was born in 1986 near London and ever since I was able to put pen to paper I have had a huge passion for drawing and art. Inspired at a young age by artists such as M. C. Escher and H. I. Giger, I was captivated by the endless possibilities of using just the medium of pen.

Bellerophon and Pegasus, slaying the Chimaera, along with the Colossus of Rhodes
I graduated in 2007 with a BA in Graphic Design and then moved to Canada and worked there for nearly 2 years. I then continued to travel throughout parts of North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, embracing their different cultures and landscapes. It was during my travels that I tried to capture this journey within my artworks, creating a series of illustrations and pieces inspired by what I had seen along the way.

In 2011, when living in New Zealand, I began distributing my artworks across the nation in small galleries and other retail outlets and artisan markets. The subsequent sales of my art within New Zealand gave me the confidence to then distribute globally and expand my art from a hobby into a profession. Having my art seen on a much larger scale allowed me to become a successful international artist by attending art fairs, shows and exhibitions and selling my works to people from all over the globe.

Now living back in the UK, I have set up a gallery and studio space from home in rural Somerset. This peaceful environment enables me to create and display my works in an ideal setting. The demand for my art continues to grow with a successful sales outlet in the City of Bath, while continuing to showcase my works at major art shows all over the world.

I want my artworks to resonate with my audience and hopefully it will allow them to relive some of their fond memories too, as ultimately, the journey is the reward.

Jeff Murray greek mythology artwork map


Many elements within this world bring joy to my heart, and feed me with inspirational ideas. Being a movie fanatic I have a great knowledge and understanding of the industry, and have been contracted to develop storyboards and concept works for motion pictures.

Music plays a big role in my art.  The lyrics and sounds from the songs that I enjoy listening to inspire me for many different works. Music also helps to me relax and fully enjoy the process of it.

I love all environments, especially mountains. Their awesome presence before my eyes makes you realise how tiny we are when gazed upon. At the age of 10, I embarked on my first solo adventure to visit my Godfather in Norway. During that memorable week of skiing and hiking, I fell in love with these white capped peaks and gained a great deal of respect for them.

Over time I have explored many mountains in sections of The Alps, The Rockies, The Southern Alps of New Zealand and The Himalayas, and have spent 5 winter seasons of living and working in beautiful resort towns within the mountains. When there isn’t a pen in my hand, then there’s usually a camera instead. There aren’t too many places I go without taking my DSLR along to capture moments, which later sometimes I refer to for inspiration within my artworks.

Jeff Murray ©
Founder and Artist

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