The Copyright for all pictures displayed on this website belongs to Jeff Murray. None of the artwork may be reproduced or used without his permission.

CopyrIght Law

Copyright belongs to the ‘artist’.
Copyright arises automatically in UK Law and requires no registration or other formality.
All ‘artistic works’ are protected against unauthorised reproduction, publication and commercial dealing.
Length of Protection.
Works made after 1989 are protected for the artist’s lifetime plus 50 years after death.
The ‘artist’ has the exclusive right to prevent or to authorise reproduction, publication and commercial dealing.

InfrIngement of CopyrIght

Action can be taken in both the civil or criminal courts.
Criminal remedies include an unlimited fine or up to two years in prison. In addition the court may order payment of compensation plus payment of legal costs.

Note: ‘Artistic works’ can include, amongst other things, graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, writing, digital artwork, photocopies and proofs.

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