An overwhelming response over the last 10 days since the release of A Norse Tale, with many of you purchasing prints.

For those of you that have already received your print, I trust you are enjoying it, and for the rest of you, know that it’s on the way! See below the print sizes:

A0 A Norse Tale artwork print

The A0 (118.8cm x 84cm) is the XL size, and is the closest representation of the original piece. The details have come out spot on, showing all that 1200 hours worth of work in all their glory! If you’ve got the wall space, go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

A1 A Norse Tale artwork print

The A1 (84cm x 59.4cm) is the L size, and is reduced 50% down from the A0 size. This tends to be the most popular size, not as overwhelming as the A0, but still holding all the detail and it makes an impact when walking in the room.

A2 A Norse Tale artwork print

And finally the A2 (59.4cm x 42cm) is the M size and has been reduced 75% down from the A0 size. If you’re limited for wall space, but still want a piece of the Norse wilds up on your wall, then this is the one for you. Although the print has been reduced significantly from the original size, the details can still be seen, allowing you to feel the presence of the Norse gods!

A Norse Tale artwork guide

And with each print of “A Norse Tale” comes a FREE double sided guide telling who’s who and what’s what in the world of the Norse cosmos!

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