Today marks the one year anniversary that I finished my epic Greek adventure. I don’t normally celebrate anniversaries of works, but this one was by far my most ambitious and enjoyable piece to date, totalling over 1000 hours in 6 months of drawing time and a good 2 years of research. It was a long journey (odyssey if you like), but it was worth every minute. For those of you that witnessed and supported me bringing it to life I thank you once again.

As a way of celebration for the next 48 hours I‚Äôm offering a 30% discount on all sized paper prints and A1 size canvas prints only (not including the limited A0 canvases). All prints will be signed and a little ‚ÄúHappy Birthday Odyssey‚ÄĚ message will be written on each one. To receive the discount, use the code ODYSSEYATONE upon checkout to get 30% off your print. Shipping will be added on afterwards. Offer will expire 23/10/21, and prints will be shipped accordingly (allow 1-2 weeks for international orders). Thank you all and remember‚Ķ the odyssey is the reward!

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