A Greek Odyssey now available in A2 size (42cm X 59.4cm)

Since the release of A Greek Odyssey in 2020, many of you have asked for it to be available in a smaller size than A0 and A1 as, understandably, wall space can be limited. So decided to make my favourite piece that one size smaller in print, down to an A2 (42cm x 59.4cm), which will hopefully allow many of you to now experience the Odyssey for the first time. It is available both as the paper print, and as the fine art canvas print. And, like with the A1 and A0 sizes, a FREE guide to accompany the print will be included.

And since making this decision, I have also decided to apply the same print sizes to the upcoming piece A Norse Tale, which I’m hoping to release in the next week or so (still a few touch ups to be had).

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